How to Prepare for Your Swimming Pool Opening

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As summer quickly approaches, you’re likely getting ready for your swimming pool opening. There are a few steps to take other than removing your pool’s cover to get your pool ready for the summer. To help guide you, here are key tasks to prepare for your swimming pool opening.

How to Prepare for Your Swimming Pool Opening

  • Clean Pool & Filter – First start by cleaning your pool and filter. Take off your cover and start fishing out debris that got into your pool, such as leaves, dirt, and branches. Additionally, inspect your filter and thoroughly clean it and remove any debris that could be caught up in the filter.
  • Add Water & Chlorine – After cleaning your pool, fill your pool with water using your hose until your pool is filled. You will then turn on your pool equipment and let it run for roughly 24 hours to begin processing the water. When it comes to chlorine, use 1 pound of chlorine for every 5,00 gallons of water to “shock” your pool water.
  • Balance Chemicals & Monitor – Before swimming, it’s important to have your chemicals balanced properly. After your pump and chlorine have been running for at least 24hrs, it’s time to test your chemicals. Use a test kit or hire a professional to properly balance your chemicals.
  • Scrub & Vacuum – Finally, put the finishing touches on your pool by scrubbing it and vacuuming it to ensure it is in tip top shape. Additionally, you may consider adding floating chloride pods.

We hope these tips will help you prepare you for your swimming pool opening. If you have any questions regarding prepping your swimming pool for opening, and the services we provide, please contact us at S & H Pools today for more information!