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We know you are excited about gearing up for your swimming pool opening each summer, but you should make sure you don’t skip any steps. Being careful during swimming pool opening sets your pool up for healthy swimming all summer, and it also protects your pool equipment, like the pump.

Careful Swimming Pool Opening Protects Your Investment

Here are the steps you can follow for a successful swimming pool opening each year:

  • Deck: Start by cleaning the deck. This will prevent any additional debris from getting in your pool when you remove the cover.
  • Swimming Pool Opening/Closing in Hickory, North CarolinaCover: Remove the cover and clean it. Have a plan for how you will store your cover for the season.
  • Plugs: Get all the plugs out of the returns and make sure the plugs in the pool’s pump and filter are in place. Don’t forget the sight glass and pressure gauge plugs.
  • Valves: Make sure the valves are all opened, and then you are ready to start filtering again.
  • Pump: Prime your pump and place valve in circulation position. Let it run for a while to get clean.
  • Clean: Clean all parts of your pool – the walls, the drain, and the floor. Vacuum the pool thoroughly.
  • Water: Make sure the level is up to full and test the water. Use your chemicals to adjust as necessary. Perform a shocking treatment to kill any leftover bacteria.
  • Equipment: Add any equipment that you removed for the season, like ladders or diving boards.

When you perform a careful swimming pool opening at the beginning of the season, you are setting yourself up for success. The cleaner and healthier you pool is, the more you and your family will be able to enjoy it.