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Swimming Pool OpeningDid you look out upon your home’s swimming pool just now and think, “It’s too much trouble– I think I’ll just skip swimming pool opening this year.”? Or perhaps you plan to spend the summer elsewhere so it just doesn’t make sense. Whether you really do want your pool to be useful or not, there are a few things you should know.

  • Won’t be using — If you won’t be using your pool, it isn’t a good idea to just forego swimming pool opening and leave it as-is for an entire year. You could end up with a real mess on your hands because the closing process was never intended to last that long. You should still maintain your pool to some degree. Spring rains will raise the level of the water and throw off the water balance, so be sure to keep those pool chemicals in balance throughout the season. If you will not be there, employ a professional to keep an eye on the pool for you. Whatever you do, do not drain the pool as this can lead to serious damage.
  • Want to use — Even if you do not use the pool often, swimming pool opening will enable it to be ready so that you and your family can seek refuge from a hot summer day. If you just don’t want the hassle or are unsure how to proceed, a pool company that offers swimming pool opening services is well worth it. You know the kids are nagging you to get it open, so don’t disappoint them when help is just a phone call away.

Whether you want your pool kept to the minimum since you won’t be using it or you need it ready for pool parties and relaxing dips, you can call our professionals at S & H Pools. We’ve been in the pool industry since 1974 as a local family owned business that treats everyone in the area with proven quality and high standards. We also carry all the chemicals you may need for throughout the year and can help you should you need any repairs to get the most from your pool this season. Give us a call today!