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Pool ProductsHeading into September, you woefully realize pool season will come to an end soon. If you just don’t want it to end this soon, there are a few pool products out there that can help you swim in your pool a little bit longer:

  • Solar covers – A solar cover on your pool can make a difference in the water temperature by varying amounts. A solar cover minimizes heat loss by putting a barrier between the water and the cooler air. Solar covers are particularly effective at night and when it is windy. While the main benefit is to retain heat, solar covers can also help to convert solar radiation into usable heat for your pool, which can increase the water temperature. How much sun you are getting, how often you use the solar cover, and other factors come into play as to how much of an advantage you can expect. 
  • Pool heaters – There are many different types of pool heaters that can make your pool water temperature comfortable way past the usual season, both for swimming longer in the year and getting started earlier. Pool heaters are powered by gas, electric, or propane, depending on the type you get. Some are more economical than others, and effectiveness varies as well. Your pool supply professional will be happy to explain the advantages of each type.

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