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Pool maintenance isn’t something anyone looks forward to when they want to enjoy their pool during the summer months. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ with your neighbors or your child’s birthday party, it is still important to keep your pool in its best shape. At S&H Pools, we recommend a few basic pool products that will cut your maintenance and keep your pool clean all season long.

These 3 Pool Products Keep Your Pool Clean All Season Long

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  1. Pool Cleaner – There are two types of pool cleaners available to help cut down on your pool maintenance: manual and automatic. Manual cleaners require a little more elbow grease on your part, but are very affordable. Automatic pool cleaners use robotic technology to clean, but this also makes them more expensive. You can weigh your options to see which of these works best for you.
  2. Pool Sanitizers – Typically, this is a chemical based chlorine mixture that comes in tablet or granular form. You can add this to your floaters, automatic chlorinators or skimmer baskets to help sanitize your pool relatively inexpensively. Another alternative is mineral sanitizers that are environmentally friendly and will keep your pool water looking great all summer long.
  3. Pool Leaf Skimmer – These popular pool products are common for most pool owners because they help grab unwanted leaves and bugs from the pool water without having to walk in circles around your pool. Usually a mesh net is attached to a telescopic pole, assisting in catching even the smallest debris. These are great when you are doing a quick clean-up before your next pool party. 

If you are in the Hickory, NC area, there are many other pool products you can use to help keep your pool clean. Our team at S&H Pools is ready to answer any questions you may have. Don’t let pool maintenance prevent you from having your friends over! Talk with us today about your options, so you won’t be afraid to jump in!