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Pool Products in Hickory, North Carolina
Getting a new pool in your backyard is very exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming, too. There are many different pool products on the market, but you shouldn’t feel like you must purchase all of them, and certainly not all of them at once. Know the difference between essentials and add-ons by talking to the professionals who install your pool or visiting your local pool supply store.

Here are some of the essential pool products that you may want to consider getting right away for safety and good pool maintenance:

Pool cleaning tools: No matter how good your filter and skimming system is, and even if you have an automatic vacuum installed in your pool, there are some cleaning jobs you will have to do by hand. It is a good idea to have a skimming net, a pool brush, and a long, adjustable pole from the start. If you are likely to end up with leaves in the pool, leaf removal tools are also a must.

Pool repair items: You may not need pool repair items like patch kits or pool putty right away, but it is a good idea to have some on hand for future issues.

Safety equipment: Handrails, ladders and steps are an essential part of getting in and out of your pool safely. Also, fencing and pool covers should be purchased right away as part of your installation. A pool alarm is advisable, as well as a cover for the main drain.
Once you have the essential items, you can consider additional pool products to purchase, like diving boards, slides, pool lighting and patio furniture to complete your dream pool.