Why Is Swimming Pool Closing Important?

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Swimming or lounging around your pool is a great way to spend your summer, whether you’re mostly hanging out with your family or with a larger group of friends and guests. There’s nothing like enjoying the warmth of the sun and the cool water while you breathe in the fresh air. But as the summer comes to a close, you’ll start using your pool less and less. And when it starts to get cold out, it’ll be time for the swimming pool closing process.

Why Is Swimming Pool Closing Important?

What is swimming pool closing? Essentially, swimming pool closing is the process of preparing a pool for winter. It might involve cleaning it, reducing the water level, and placing a pool cover over the top of it, among other tasks.

Swimming pool closing is important for several reasons:

  • Water Quality- A pool that is not in use is more prone to algae and bacterial growth than it is during the summer when the pool is being used regularly. Proper swimming pool closing allows you to balance the water chemistry and take steps to prevent such growth as much as possible.
  • Energy Savings- If you aren’t using your pool, there’s no reason to keep letting it use up energy. For instance, closing the pool means you won’t be using the pool pump as much. The pool cover also helps control the water’s temperature, so you won’t need to use up energy for heating.
  • Safety- When you aren’t using your pool, it can be easy to be forgetful or distracted when your pets or small children wander near it. A sturdy pool cover may be able to prevent anyone from falling into the pool.