Why Every Pool Needs a Swimming Pool Cover

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When you own a swimming pool, you also have a great responsibility to keep it safe and maintained. One of the best things you can do to accomplish both of these responsibilities is to install a swimming pool cover. Here at S & H Pools, we feel that every swimming pool needs and deserves the benefits of a swimming pool cover. Some of the reasons we feel that every pool needs a swimming pool cover are:  

  • Evaporation – Water evaporates. There is no other way to prevent this other than to cover the pool with an approved swimming pool cover. Covering your pool will help to keep your water levels where they should be and prevent you from having to add water.

Why Every Pool Needs a Swimming Pool Cover

  • Safety- Whether you have kids or not, it is important to keep your pool safe by covering it. A swimming pool cover helps to keep unexpected neighbor kids, visitors, and pets from accidentally falling into your pool.
  • Clean – Keeping your pool clean is a never-ending job. Take some of the work off your plate with a swimming pool cover. A cover will help to keep leaves, twigs, bugs, and other unwanted debris from entering your pool.
  • Retain Heat – Swimming pool covers help to retain the heat within your swimming pool. This helps to save you money on your energy bills if you heat your pool.

If you are ready to get a swimming pool cover, then stop by and see what we have to offer. We are confident that you will love having a new pool cover.