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Swimming Pool Covers: Why You Should Cover Your Pool in the Winter
At S & H Pools, many of our customers visit our store and ask why they should consider investing in one of our swimming pool covers. To answer that question, swimming pool covers serve an important purpose in maintaining your pool, especially in the winter:

  • Evaporation slows down or stops—Every day your pool isn’t covered, it’s losing water through the process of evaporation. A swimming pool cover helps to stop, or at least slowdown, this process, so you are able to maintain the water level in your pool.
  • The pool retains heat—If your pool has a heater, you likely want to enjoy using it in the winter. Since heating your pool can be an expensive process, putting a pool cover on top of it when it’s not in use is a good way to help your pool retain heat.
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  • Debris is kept out—You probably don’t love spending time with your skimmer clearing twigs, branches, and other debris from the top of your pool. By putting a cover on top of your pool, the amount of debris that gets into your pool can be significantly reduced.
  • Save money—When your pool is exposed to the elements, the water has a harder time staying clean, which means you will need to invest more money in chemicals. However, if your pool is covered, you will spend less on chemicals to keep the water clear and blue.

If you want to know more about swimming pool covers, contact us. We’re always more than happy to help!