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Top 4 Things You Need Know About Swimming Pool Chemicals

Do you ever wonder if it really is that important to check the chemical levels in your pool? Or if it’s really necessary to add swimming pool chemicals all the time?  Or maybe you are just not sure what the right chemical levels are supposed to be.  Owning and maintaining a swimming pool is a big job, and not something that should be taken lightly.  For the safety of you and your guests, here are our top 4 things we feel you should know about swimming pool chemicals:
swimming pool chemicals

  1. An improper chemical balance can cause health and safety concerns.  It is absolutely necessary that you maintain the right pH levels in your swimming pool.  An unbalanced pH level will cause the chlorine sanitizer to not work as effectively, making it very easy for germs and bacteria to grow in your pool.  Bacteria and germs can be very harmful to people.  They can cause you to develop a rash or a skin infection.  They can also make you very sick with flu-like symptoms.  
  2. An imbalanced pool can cause corrosion. The chemicals eat away at the pool liner, which can cause damage and even cause it to leak. Pool liners are expensive to replace.  Chemical corrosion can also happen to your handrails, safety rails, and ladders.  Damage to these things could cause someone to get injured.  It is important that your safety rails and ladders are always well maintained.
  3. Pool water can look cloudy and uninviting if the swimming pool chemicals are off.  No one really wants to dive into water that looks murky.  To keep your water looking clean and pristine, it is important that the chemicals are balanced.
  4. Once you get the chemicals balanced, it is easier to maintain proper levels. Pool maintenance is a breeze after you get all the kinks worked out.  Once proper pH levels are reached, it is much easier to maintain them in the future.

If you are struggling with your swimming pool chemicals, our team at S & H Pools can help!  Stop by our store today, and our experienced professionals can help you decide what chemicals are right for you.  We have a wide variety of chemicals available at our store. We can help you so you will be able to enjoy your pool all year long.