Interesting Facts About Swimming Pool Chemicals

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An important part of maintaining any pool is keeping the chemistry balanced. Balanced pool water is safe, allowing you to swim without worrying about getting sick or experiencing irritation. Swimming pool chemistry can either be really fascinating or really boring, depending on your interests, but it is something you should understand as a pool owner.

Interesting Facts About Swimming Pool Chemicals

However, here are some interesting facts about swimming pool chemicals if you’re curious:

  • How Pools Were Cleaned Before Chlorine: Chlorine wasn’t used for disinfecting pool water until the early 1900s. Before that, pools were cleaned primarily through filtration and backwashing, a technique in which the flow of water is reversed to flush out contaminants.
  • What Causes the Chlorine Smell: You’re familiar with the distinct smell many chlorine pools have. However, the smell is actually caused not by the chlorine itself but by the chloramines. Chloramines form when chlorine disinfectants combine with organic substances like body oils, sweat, and skin cells.
  • Bromine Can Be a Good Sanitizer: Although chlorine is probably the most common pool sanitizer, bromine can be a great choice. It’s more stable in warmer temperatures, it’s less irritating, and it doesn’t produce chloramines. However, it is a bit more expensive.

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