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You have the pool — now what? There are many fantastic pool products that will elevate your experience of owning a pool. There are products to help you more efficiently and easily clean your pool. There are safety pool products, and pool products that are just for fun too. Below are some of our favorite pool products that we recommend every pool owner having:

  • Pool Shock – Unfortunately, your pool is the home of dead skin cells, microbes, and oils. The best way to keep these contaminates at bay is to properly and regularly use pool chemicals. Your pool should have no smell at all. If you notice it’s starting to get a smell, it’s been longer than two weeks, the water levels have changed, or you’ve had a severe rainstorm, then it is time to use your pool shock. It will bring sanitizer levels up, clean the water, and kill bacteria.

pool products that are just for fun

  • Test Strips – It is important to test the water in your pool once a week to ensure that the chemicals are balanced, and your water is clean and healthy. Water test strips are a fast and easy way to test your water.
  • Pool Cover – A pool cover is a great way to keep unwanted debris from entering your pool. It will help to keep it cleaner longer. It will also help to keep your pool areas safe when not in use. Some pool covers are able to help prevent children from entering the pool when they are not supposed to. We always recommend keeping kids away from pool areas with or without a pool cover.