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Swimming Pool Opening/Closing, Newton, NC


Enjoy your swimming season with professional swimming pool opening/closing.  

Swimming Pool Opening/Closing in Newton, North Carolina
In an area like Newton, North Carolina where the weather is great for swimming, owning a pool can be both recreational and enjoyable. In fact, the benefits of owning a pool are numerous. Pool owners can enjoy greater health benefits with the exercise it provides as well as enjoyable family and friends time. While many pool owners can keep their pools in prime condition for the swimming season, some might not enjoy or have time for the tasks of swimming pool opening and closing. If you fall into that category, our team here at S & H Pools would love to help you with swimming pool opening/closing.

When done properly, the job of swimming pool opening/closing can make your swimming season more enjoyable. When opening, our professionals can help ensure that all your pool needs are ready to go for the season. We can make sure that your water is at the right temperature and chemical composition. We can also check the filters, pumps, and other mechanical parts of your pool to ensure everything is in working order. After the season and it’s time to close down your pool, we can help you with your closing process as well! We will winterize your pool to ensure a safe surface all throughout the winter. Furthermore, we will drain the surrounding pipes as well to prevent pipes from freezing throughout the winter.

For help with your swimming pool opening/closing, we want to help you. Our team can help ensure that your swimming pool season can get started and close down without a hitch.



At S & H Pools, we offer swimming pool opening/closing services to customers in Hickory, Conover, Newton, Lincolnton, Sherrills Ford, Catawba, Claremont, Denver, and St. Stephens, North Carolina.