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Take advantage of our pool services to minimize your to-do list.

Taking care of a swimming pool is a lot of work. Between keeping it clean, making sure the water is properly treated with the necessary chemicals, and preparing it for the various seasons, caring for the pool on your property can quickly take up quite a bit of your time. Although it’s worth it for most pool owners — since they can enjoy the many benefits of having a private pool to relax and cool off in all summer long — the tasks associated with pool maintenance can get a bit tedious. At S & H Pools, we want to help make your life easier, which is why we offer a number of pool services. We can take care of some of these tasks for you, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool.

Pool Services in Newton, North Carolina

Our pool services are available to those in the Newton, North Carolina area. We can take care of opening and closing your pool, which are important tasks that help protect the swimming pool from damage due to exposure to the elements in cold weather. Opening your pool involves getting it ready for the warm season when you’ll be in it more frequently. We can remove your cover, install the handrails and ladder, start up the filter and pump system, treat the water with the necessary chemicals, and get the heater going, if needed.

When the swimming season ends, we’ll come back to prepare the pool for colder temperatures. This process involves draining the filter, pump, and other equipment, covering the pool, adding winterizing chemicals, and taking the steps needed to prevent freeze damage. Take advantage of our pool services to minimize your to-do list.

At S & H Pools, we offer pool services to customers in Hickory, Conover, Newton, Lincolnton, Sherrills Ford, Catawba, Claremont, Denver, and St. Stephens, North Carolina.


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