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Some dogs absolutely hate being in the water, but if you have a dog that you are having trouble keeping out of your pool, it might interest you to know that there are some pros and cons about letting him join in the fun. The different things to think about are the benefits for your dog, the potential problems with your dog and your pool, and what your pool company has to say about it.

What Your Pool Company Has to Say About Dogs in the Pool

The benefits for a dog that is a good swimmer are vast. Just like swimming is a good low-impact, total workout for you, it is just as helpful for your dog. This can be the ideal form of exercise for an aging dog and can be part of a rehabilitation program as well. Talk with your veterinarian about whether your dog breed can do well in a pool. Some can’t, such as those with short legs that cannot paddle well and short snouts that are hard to keep above the water’s surface. Getting in and out of the pool can also be a challenge, but there are various ramps and steps that can be added to your pool if it doesn’t have one built in that works for your pet.

Don’t forget that there are still potential problems both for your dog and your pool if you let him go swimming. For one thing, expect to spend more time cleaning and maintaining your pool. All that hair can be hard on the filter system, but as long as you clean it out promptly it should suffer little ill effect. If you have a pool liner, you may be concerned about their nails, but that generally isn’t a problem. You’re more likely to get scratched yourself. Again, using a ramp for getting in and out will reduce the chance of a problem.

As for what your pool company has to say, here at S & H Pools, we think it is a splendid idea to let your dog enjoy the benefits of being in the pool and you’ll enjoy watching them, too. If you want to know more about what our pool company offers, get in touch with us today!