Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Pool Pumps

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Pool pumps need proper maintenance and timely replacement because they are the heart of your swimming pool. If they fail, it won’t take long for your swimming pool water to turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. The result will be an irritating smell and unsafe water for swimming.

Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Pool Pumps

Fortunately, you can avoid such a situation by watching out for these signs:

  • Noisy Pool pumps. Your pool pump should run quietly. If you hear screeching noises and grinding gears, you probably need a new pump. Usually, that type of noise is a result of rusted bearings and other internal components. If your pool pump is damaged beyond repair, our professionals at S & H Pools will help you install a new one.
  • Frequent shutdown. Your pool pump may shut down often or fail to turn on. Some common issues include clogged motors, damaged capacitors, or overheating. If your pump develops such problems and is too old, we advise you to replace it.
  • Recurrent leaks. A cracked shaft seal or casing leads to frequent leaks. A worn-out impeller can also cause leaks. Repairing these parts can be costly, so installing a new pool pump is the better option.

We’ve been in the business since 1974, so have enough experience to replace your pool pumps properly and on time to avoid undue inconvenience. Call us today if you are looking for a swimming pool company in the Hickory, North Carolina area.