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Swimming Pool Opening

Winter is gone and spring is winding down. The kids are getting anxious to get back out into the pool, and so are you. The season for swimming pool opening is upon you.  So, what needs to be done before you and your family can get back into your in-ground pool after a season of it being closed up? Before you take the plunge, there are some things that need to be done to ensure none of your pool items are damaged and that the water is ready for swimmers and loungers.  Here are just a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to swimming pool opening.

First, did you know that you’ll need to clean off your entire pool cover, remove it, and prep it to be rolled up for the season? If your cover is just rolled back without the proper maintenance, it will very likely grow mold, bacteria, and all sorts of unpleasant additions that can weaken the cover, cause damage, and make for a messy and unsanitary cover up come fall. If you don’t feel comfortable taking care of this, don’t hesitate to call us at S & H Pools. We have all the tools and experience to properly get your pool up and running and ready to be enjoyed. 

Beyond the pool cover itself, your pool needs some special preparations and maintenance to get it ready for use again.  If you properly got your pool ready for winter, then the pool water should not be at its usual level and will need to be filled up back to the proper level (reaching about ½ way up your skimmer). This can be done with your garden hose. But, even after the water is back up to where it should be, you’ll need to clean around the pool, reinstall pool deck equipment, get the proper chemical balances adjusted, clean the lining and stairs, get the pump running until the water is totally clear and ready, and so on.

Swimming pool opening is no short task and we will happily come and do this work for you. Give us a call today!