Swimming Pool Vacuums: Which Type is
Best for You?

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Pool ownership is a great way to enjoy your property to the fullest, but that enjoyment can come at a cost! Ensuring that your pool stays clean and cared for is the best way to protect your investment, and swimming pool vacuums are a great way to ensure proper cleaning. If you are thinking about investing in a new swimming pool vacuum and going over your options, there are a few basic types of swimming pool vacuums out there for you to consider.

Swimming Pool Vacuums: Which Type is Best for You?

First, you have the manual pool cleaner vacuums. These will require that you manually move hose attached to a vacuum head around your pool. While these are the most laborious of the pool cleaners, they are also inexpensive and effective.

Next, you have your pressure-side pool cleaners. Pressure side pool vacuums use pressurized water from your pool to power small wheels that move the machine around the pool while cleaning. Often coming with their own filters, these cleaners can provide your pool filter some relief.

Now you have suction-side pool cleaners to consider. These will use the pool’s pump to get suction and also will use the pool’s filter for cleaning, but they do move in an almost robotic-pattern once you get them going.

Finally, you have robotic pool vacuum cleaners. These little futuristic pool cleaners are as awesome as they sound, but expect to pay for that coolness-feature upfront as they are the most expensive of the swimming pool vacuums.