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Did you know that the number one reason people state they aren’t getting in their hot tub as often as they expected is because of the challenges involved in getting in and out of it? If you are looking into hot tubs because you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, it is wise to complete your investment with the right accessories, so you don’t join others in having one you rarely use. Here are the must have accessories you should consider:

Hot Tubs in Hickory, NC

  • Hot tub cover lifters – A quality hot tub cover is necessary for any hot tub to keep pets and children save, reduce chemical usage, and regulate the water temperature to save on utility costs. However, this cover can be heavy for some individuals and it is certainly awkward to take off and then replace after you are finished enjoying your hot tub. Lifters solve that problem, so you won’t be putting off getting in because you are intimidated by the hot tub cover.
  • Hot tub steps – Getting in and out of the hot tub is easier and safer when you have steps. They can also be a great place to set your towel, so it is handy when you get out. The purpose of a hot tub is to get relaxed and you could lose that feeling if it is challenging to exit the hot tub. Do yourself a favor and get steps made for hot tubs that will make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Water testing kit for hot tubs – In addition to the physical considerations of getting in and out of your hot tub, there is also the concern about whether the water is safely in balance. If you lift the lid and it doesn’t look or smell as it should, you can quickly test the water and see what may be needed rather than take the chance of entering what could be an unsafe situation. You’ll be able to adjust the water and then get in before long.

If you are shopping for hot tubs, here at S & H Pools we highly recommend these three accessories, so you can get the most from your investment.