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Swimming pool liners and covers are essential to the enjoyment of your pool year after year. While it may seem like a simple task to maintain your pool, often your liner or cover can unintentionally sustain damage without your knowledge. At S&H Pools, we have some basic tips for the maintenance of your swimming pool liners and covers: 

Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pool Liners and Covers

Swimming Pool Liners

  • Don’t Drain The Water – The water in your pool is what keeps the liner smooth against the surface of your pool. Draining the water can cause the liner to wrinkle or tear.
  • Consistent Maintenance – Ensuring that you use the appropriate chemicals and test the water regularly for its pH will keep your pool and everyone using the pool safe. Lack of consistency can cause unwanted damage to the pool or make the water unsafe for swimmers. Mark your calendar or set reminders to help you remember throughout the season.

Swimming Pool Covers

  • Keep the Cover Clean – Just like your cover is designed to keep your pool water clean, it’s important to clear your swimming pool cover of any debris or standing water so it does not contaminate your pool. This can be done a number of ways, as long as you find the right method for your type of pool cover.
  • Store the Cover – When the pool cover is not in use on your pool, it should be cleaned and stored in a safe, dry location. Rodents and other critters can sometimes come and chew holes in your cover, so keeping it at a high elevation will also help to prevent additional damage. This will give you many years of use.

If you aren’t sure how to care for your swimming pool liner or cover, or you are ready to replace your existing ones, our team at S&H Pools is here to help you. We have served the Hickory, NC area for many years and can provide the necessary information to help you maintain and enjoy your pool for many seasons to come. Give us a call for more information about swimming pool liners and covers today!

Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pool Liners and Covers