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Love Your Pool Again with Swimming Pool Renovations
A swimming pool adds value to your home, but only if it is in good repair. Over time, pools can start to look outdated, worn out, or need some serious tender, loving care. If this describes the pool in your backyard, it may be time to consider swimming pool renovations. Now, there are many things you can do to refresh or update your pool. Some swimming pool renovation ideas cost a significant amount of money, but some are easy and won’t break the bank.

If you are ready to explore swimming pool renovation ideas, here are some of our favorites:

  • Improving the landscaping around your pool or adding a new entertaining area like an outdoor kitchen may make you fall in love with your pool area all over again.
  • Extending your pool or adding curves can completely change the dynamic of the space.
  • The area right next to your pool might be the perfect spot for a new spa.

If your budget is limited, swimming pool renovations are still within your reach:

  • If you want to change the look of your pool quickly, consider changing the vinyl liner. There are many different patterns available that can create unique looks, and it can be completed in as little as a day.
  • If you have enough deck space and depth in your pool, consider adding a slide.
  • Upgrade to a new pump and filter to improve your pool’s efficiency and performance.
  • Get a sanitizer that will reduce the amount of chlorine you need to use.
  • Add pool lighting or a water feature around your pool.

Swimming Pool Renovation in Hickory, North Carolina

Swimming pool renovations can add a fun new feature to your pool or completely transform your backyard again. You will want to spend more time than ever in your pool when it is completed.