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pool vacuums People of all ages love splashing around in a swimming pool.  It is great fun for the whole family!  But no one likes swimming in a dirty pool.  Cleaning your pool can be time consuming and even overwhelming.  At S & H Pools, we carry several types of pool vacuums that will help you keep your pool looking clean and refreshing.

Using a pool vacuum will save you so much time.  The vacuum will do most of the work for you. There are even types of pool vacuums that you can program to run when you are not even there.  Imagine being able to set your vacuum to run at night, so you can wake up in the morning and swim in a clean pool.  No more fishing debris out of the pool with a net before you go swimming.

Pool vacuums can also help maintain the chemicals in your pool. Vacuuming helps the chemicals to circulate around the pool, making them much more effective.  A well-balanced pool looks cleaner and is much safer for you and your guests.  An unbalanced pool can cause skin and eye irritation.  It can even make you sick.  Pool vacuums help maintain your pool so it is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Pool vacuums also prevent algae and mold buildup in your pool.  Algae and mold will cause your water to look cloudy and can damage your pool liner.  They also can cause harmful bacteria to build up in your pool that can make you sick.  Pool vacuums will help keep your water clean and safe.

Stop by and see us at S & H Pools today, and we can help you select the right pool vacuum for your swimming pool. Our pool experts know what vacuum will work best based on what you actually want the vacuum to do and based on the size of your pool.  You can relax poolside and let the vacuum do most of the work for you!