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Outdoor hot tubs are a wonderful, relaxing luxury, and rightfully are a popular choice for homeowners of many different ages. Hot tubs can relax muscles after a long day of work, warm up kids after a quick dip in the pool or on a chilly winter evening, or be a luxurious little getaway for mom and dad just by stepping out into the yard. It is no wonder that outdoor hot tubs continue to be installed by homeowners, spas, hotels, cruise ships, and resorts alike. Still, even with all that luxury, it is important to remember that there is some work involved to caring for an outdoor hot tub to keep it up and running at a certain level, so you can enjoy it well for years to come.  Here are just a few tips for beginners about how to care for outdoor hot tubs.

First, it is wise to have a regular maintenance schedule.  You will need to check the chemical levels in your hot tub daily and adjust as needed. This is a simple task, simply done by testing it with a special pH test strip, which you can get at any pool or hot tub store, and then adding any balancing or cleansing chemicals as needed. 

Second, outdoor hot tubs need to be “shocked” or sanitized on a weekly basis, particularly if they are used frequently. This kills the bad bacteria that comes off bodies or debris and keeps the water safe and sanitary for use.

Beyond these two more frequent maintenance actions, your outdoor hot tub will also need to have the filters cleaned out a few times a year, and the water drained out every three to four months. This isn’t a big deal or process, but it something that needs to be done to maintain cleanliness and elongate the life of your hot tub

If you follow these simple maintenance tips—most which only take a few minutes, and all which are easy to do—you will enjoy your hot tub for years to come.