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There are several businesses that you might think of as a great place to drop by and visit to chat with the owner or manager and kill some time. People do it all the time at coffee shops, taverns, bait shops, hair salons, and restaurants, for example. One place you might not have thought about is your favorite pool store. So, why would you visit a pool store regularly? Here are some great reasons to put it on your errand day route:

Swimming Pool Store in Newton, NC

  • Get pool and/or hot tub water tested. You probably have a water test kit at home and that keeps you in good shape for the most part. However, a professional testing is never a bad idea because you gain the benefit of their experience when it comes to what chemicals and in what quantity you need to get your pool water to the best possible condition.
  • See the latest pool toys. Are the kids getting bored with the toys you have and aren’t getting in the pool as much? You can drag them away from the television and video games with a few new pool toys, so they can get some much-needed exercise and have fun in the process. Of course, you’ll find things you love, too.
  • Talk about your pool or hot tub. You may not immediately recognize that you have a problem brewing because you aren’t aware that a noise or other symptom should be checked out. These things can come out in conversation and lead them to advise you appropriately. You don’t know what you don’t know but a bit of chatting could change that and save you money on a costlier repair later.

Here at S & H Pools, we are always happy to see you at our pool store. Since 1974, our family-owned business has loved being a part of our community. Stop by and see the products we offer that can make your pool or hot tub more enjoyable!