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Hot Tub Accessories

You have your swimsuit, you have your hot tub, and you are ready to finally enjoy that lovely luxury in your own back yard.  A hot tub can truly be a little piece of luxury, and with just a few hot tub accessories, you can enjoy it even more. At S & H Pools, we have a few different hot tub accessories to help make your life easier.

The importance of keeping your hot tub covered when not in use is generally understood. But, opening and closing your hot tub cover is not always the easiest thing, especially if your hot tub it tucked away in a gazebo or corner of a deck. Covers are not always light, and they can be a bit awkward to lift and get back into their proper place.  This is where a hot tub cover lifter can make a simple but noticeable difference in opening and closing your hot tub.  It is essentially a bar or simple system that attaches to your tub and cover that uses leverage to make the lifting and closing of the cover all the easier. 

Don’t have a hot tub cover, or do you need to replace an old and broken cover? We have some of those, too.  Don’t wait to get a cover if you are in need, as keeping debris and animals out is important for the upkeep of your investment.

Another one of the great hot tub accessories we offer may sound simple, but it too can make all the difference: steps! Don’t forget that not all models come with steps already included, and when you are all wet and slippery, having wide and easy steps to ease your way in and out of the hot tub will make enjoying it something even your grandmother can do. 

If you have questions about hot tubs, their maintenance, or other supplies and accessories for your hot tub, call us today at S & H Pools and let us help you get the most out of your little piece of luxury.