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Swimming Pool Store
At S & H Pools, our swimming pool store exists to help you keep your pool in great shape throughout the year. While we do offer services to help you maintain your pool, here are a few of the main products our swimming pool store has to offer:

1.   Pool liners and covers—If you have a swimming pool, you might feel like you’re always trying to keep it clean. Our swimming pool liners and covers are designed to help you keep debris out of your pool, so you can spend more time enjoying it and less time cleaning it.

2.   Swimming pool heaters—Here in North Carolina, it gets too cold to swim in the winter unless you have a way to heat your pool water. We carry a wide selection of heaters from different brands, so you can enjoy swimming year-round.

3.   Swimming pool pumps—Your swimming pool pump pulls water from your pool and then pushes it back through your filter. Since your pump is the heart of your pool’s filtration system, it’s important to visit our swimming pool store to purchase a new one as soon as your current one fails.

4.   Swimming pool vacuums—We carry a wide selection of vacuums that can help you keep dirt and debris from gathering on the side of your pool and at the bottom.

5.   Swimming pool chemicals—Chemicals, like chlorine, keep your pool water from becoming dirty and murky. We carry all the chemicals you need to maintain your pool.