3 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

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At S & H Pools, we know from experience just how enjoyable hot tubs are. However, we also understand that for some people, enjoyment alone is not a compelling enough reason to invest in a hot tub of their own. Whether you are looking to be convinced or just want a better justification for your desires, read on to find out about three health benefits that hot tubs can provide.

 hot tubs are also a great way to reduce stress

  • Back Pain Relief- One health benefit that hot tubs offer is relief from lower back pain, a common problem that can severely impact quality of life. Depending on its intensity, lower back pain can be anything from a nuisance to a debilitating condition that makes performing everyday tasks difficult to impossible. Multiple studies have shown that hydrotherapy, either alone or in combination with other treatments, can help alleviate this pain and restore quality of life.
  • Stress Reduction- In addition to alleviating physical pain, hot tubs are also a great way to reduce stress. Persistent, high levels of stress have been shown to have a severe negative impact not only on your mental well-being, but can also contribute to physical health problems, such as high blood pressure or tension headaches. A hot tub offers a great way to relieve your daily stress and help prevent these problems.
  • Improved Sleep- Similar to the relationship between high stress and other health problems, more and more evidence is mounting to show that poor or insufficient sleep is a significant contributor to many conditions and symptoms. If you struggle with getting enough rest, getting a hot tub can be a positive step towards a solution. Studies have shown that relaxing in hot water before bed promotes deeper and more restful sleep.

If you are interested in any of these benefits, we at S & H Pools encourage you to give us a call.